- the makers of the original Ensoniq replacement floppy drive!

We are the makers of the original Ensoniq replacement floppy drives.  

Don’t get stuck buying second hand or refurbished drives from other sellers.


Our drives are a genuine 2011  direct replacement product, high quality mechanism.  Unlike our competitors, our drives provide and offer a full replacement/defect 30-day warranty.  Feel confident in your purchase from Route 66 Studios, a fully approved Ensoniq & Yamaha parts supplier.  Use caution when buying foreign knock-offs.  All our drives are configured & tested prior to shipment preparation.  Shipping times & costs vary.



Our Newest Edition of Products Is Here! 

The E-mu Elements Of Sound Master Disc Series... and also new Master Disc Sound/Sample CD’s

Pre-order opportunity on new 2011 Replacement Floppy Drive Kits

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Email us for purchase information or to request a PayPal invoice.  We expect to have our site up and running with buy-now buttons in place during the first quarter of 2009.  !!! WE DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS !!! any Emails or calls outside of the USA asking for parts info or shipping costs will simply be deleted.

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We are known for our creation of the E-Cooler... 

The E cooler is the first ever cooling unit specially made for the Ensoniq line of synths and samplers; engineered and designed by R. Walsh for Route 66 Studios and currently being used on the road by bands and tour groups.  Our E-cooler is on the road with  Todd Rundgren 2004/2005 tour and Jefferson Starship by John Ferenzick.   "Excellent design being used nightly on my current live show rig, no more overheating, thanks Rich" John F  Out of Stock - Stay tuned to



What else does Route 66 Studios provide or support?

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  EMU - NEW Emu Emulator ll Firmware upgrade Rom kit, fits all Emulator ll models update's your Ell to the latest Firmware.  Includes both the Ell MAIN ROM ver 2.1 and the Ell SCANNER ROM ver 3.1.  We also have the new Emulator ll floppy drive 3.5 replacement kit in stock and shipping now.   Without a working drive an Emulator II is effectively useless, replace that failed 5.25" floppy drive now and upgrade to a new 2008 3.5 drive to protect and ensure you will be able to read your valuable sample library.  Other items include but are not limited to:  EMAX II Elements of Sound Master Disc Series; EMAX SE Upgrade Kit, EMAX Replacement Floppy Drives, E-mu Service Manuals, E-mu Schematics, E-mu User's Guides, and  E-mu Owners Manuals,

  ENSONIQ - EPS Classic, EPS 16 + floppy drives NEW 2008 floppy drive available now. One year in the making R. Walsh releases the first ever direct drive replacement for the Ensoniq Eps series. WU-TANG CLAN acknowledges designer R. Walsh and Route 66 Studios for keeping the Ensoniq gear alive in new Book "The Wu-Tang Manual" Riverhead press.  Other items include but are not limited to:  Ensoniq Upgrades, Ensoniq Replacement Floppy Drives, Ensoniq Replacement Batteries, Ensoniq Service Manuals, Ensoniq User's Guides, Ensoniq Schematics, Ensoniq Owners Manuals, TS10/12 General Midi Upgrade Kit, ASR10 Vented Memory Door, VFXSD Floppy Drive, SD1 floppy Drive, Mirage OS Disc Set, Mirage Format Disc, SQ80 Eprom 1.80 Update, and the ESQm Eprom 1.20 Update.

  ROLAND -  The long awaited replacement MC50/300/500 Floppy drives for the Roland MC series of sequencers are now in stock and ready to ship.   "The new MC drive designed by R. Walsh is impressive with improved loading time on all disc functions as well as an new aesthetic bezel, making disc insertion and removal much easier than the originals" A. Allen.   New MKS 70 1.08 Gallery and JX10 2.30 Maido Onajimi upgrades available now.   Roland W-30 floppy drive 2008 replacement drives in stock now.   Roland MV-30 floppy drive 2008 replacement drives in stock now.  Other items include but are not limited to:  Roland Upgrades, Roland Replacement Floppy Drives, Roland Replacement Batteries, Roland Service Manuals, Roland User's Guides, Roland Schematics, Roland Owners Manuals, MC300 1.04 Rom Upgrade, MC500 1.04 Rom Upgrade, D50/D550 Master Disc CDR, D550 36-piece Front Panel Contact Switch Set, JD800 Owners Manual, JV1000 Floppy Drive, W30 Floppy Drive, MV30 Floppy Drive, D50 Owners Manual, and the J8XP Owners Manual.

YAMAHA - Yamaha SY77, SY99, DX7FDV50 floppy drives.  Finally a Yamaha floppy drive for the SY and V50 series that won't break the bank. The New Yamaha SY series replacement, highest quality 2008 mechanism with beautiful full black bezel for a perfect match. We are now working on the new W5/W7and SY85 drives so keep posted.  Now available Yamaha MDR3 floppy drives and the Yamaha US1 drive replacementOther items include but are not limited to:  Yamaha Upgrades, Yamaha Replacement Floppy Drives, Yamaha Replacement Batteries, Yamaha Service Manuals, Yamaha User's Guides, Yamaha Schematics, and Yamaha Owners Manuals.

  AKAI - Now in stock the Akai s900 replacement floppy drive add new life to the Akai s900 and replace that vintage floppy drive with a new 2008 model. The new Akai s900 drive has an all black bezel loads all current DSDD discs with improved load time and quiet opperation. NewAkai s900 1.2A Rom upgrade in stock now.  Other items include but are not limited to:  Akai Upgrades, Akai Replacement Floppy Drives, Akai Replacement Batteries, Akai Service Manuals, Akai User's Guides, Akai Schematics, Akai Owners Manuals, S1000 Floppy Drive, S1100 Floppy Drive, EX1100 1.36 Rom Update, S1000 OS Discs, S1000 4.40 Rom Update, S1000KB 4.40 Rom Update, ASQ10 Battery, ASQ10 Floppy Drive, MPC60 3.10 Software, MX76 Battery, and the MPC Floppy Drive.

     KORG - Korg DSS1 and DSM replacement floppy drives, 01/W replacement floppy drives, Triton floppy replacement floppy drives, MV8000 replacement floppy drives all available now!. 01/W Rom version #62 now in stock.  Other items include but are not limited to:  Korg Upgrades, Korg Replacement Floppy Drives, Korg Replacement Batteries, Korg Service Manuals, Korg User's Guides, Korg Schematics, Korg Owners Manuals, M3R Master Disc CD, Wavestation Master Disc CD, DSS1 Master Disc CD, DSS1 Samples, T 1-2-3 Floppy Drives, M3R Sounds, and the O1/W Owners Manual.


EME-213YV  EME-213KRX  EME-213KRJ  A3524E1-317  DFR423E02A  FZ-354-317F1JC  JU-257A726P  FD-235HF 270-U               JU-253-13P  MPF420-1  JU-253-AM  MPF420-2  DFR723F09A  M57BCL-2  FDD4261G5K  MF353B-12UJ  FD-235HF263-U   Chinon FX354  JU-257A-303P  FZ 354  Sony 63W-00D  Panasinic JU-364



Korg 01/W Rom ver 62 now in stock.  NEW!!! YAMAHA FLOPPY DRIVES ARE HERE!!!
We have the new US1 Floppy drives and the MDR3 Floppy drives available now.  We are currently working new replacement drives for the Yamaha SY85, W5/W7, Korg X series, Korg i series, Phophet 2000 and Akai s1000/s1100.  The new tour custom keyboard stands are back! and available to the public for the first time.   Road tested on many world tours and sold with a lifetime warranty available in Sept 2008.

GIFT CERTIFICATES OFFERED!  Need a holiday gift certificate? We have them available now through PayPal, use your credit card or PayPal account to purchase now. The Route 66 Studios gift certificate can be made out in any amount and can be used to purchase anything sold on the Route 66 Studios web site.  And... best of all, there is no expiration date!

BATTERIES - We stock over 1500 original replacement batteries for your keyboard synth, sampler and midi gear.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - Unsure if you are in need of a new battery or drive for your unit?  Ask us...


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